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Gennady Podolsky’s Guide to Staying Healthy While Traveling

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Preparing for a trip involves making reservations and packing, but global travel advisor Gennady Podolsky also emphasizes considering health at every part of the journey. He provides tips for travelers to stay healthy before, during, and at their destination.

Podolsky recommends packing neck pillows, masks, ear plugs, wraps, healthy snacks like protein bars and jerky, water bottles, and resistance bands. These items help with comfort, hydration, and stretching in small spaces. He advises checking if probiotics, enzymes, or other supplements can minimize digestive irregularities from time zone changes. Compression stockings can reduce risks of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism from long periods of stillness.

Podolsky suggests getting appropriate vaccinations in advance to stay healthy en route, as some regions have illness risks. Make preparations ahead of time to de-stress, like finishing packing early, sleeping well the night before, and eating a healthy pre-trip meal. Move and stretch every couple of hours during the trip to keep blood flowing. Stay hydrated with water instead of alcohol or caffeine to avoid dehydration.

Once at the destination, practice good sanitation by washing hands and using sanitizer after touching surfaces in public places. Get creative about staying active by using hotel fitness centers or going on guided bicycle tours and morning walks. Savor local cuisine cautiously by asking locals for recommendations, but avoid raw fruits/vegetables and unpasteurized dairy/undercooked meats due to contamination risks. Drink bottled or sealed beverages when unsure of tap water safety.

Try to get good sleep by using masks, earplugs, and white noise machines to counter ambient noise. Don’t cram the schedule too tightly out of a “fear of missing out,” but leave time to recharge. Identify local healthcare facilities in case of illness or injury and clarify health insurance policies for out-of-network and international coverage.

With proactive health preparations, travelers can confidently embark on satisfying, healthy trips. Podolsky’s wellness-focused packing list sets the tone for safety and comfort during travel. His tips help travelers stay active, stretched, hydrated, nourished, rested, and relaxed en route and during their vacations. Local cuisine can be enjoyed cautiously, and time for rejuvenation should be built into the itinerary. Travelers can receive prompt treatment if health issues arise by planning for healthcare coverage needs.

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