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Why Pet Adoption Makes People Healthier

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Lydia is an elderly woman who lives alone. Her son, Ralph, worries about Lydia. “She seems so depressed,” he commented to his wife Marie one day. “Maybe she should adopt a dog,” suggested Marie. “That way she would have a loyal companion and friend. I think adopting a dog would lift your mother’s spirits.”

An Excellent Suggestion

Ralph thought Marie had come up with an excellent suggestion. He told his mother that she should adopt a dog on the next visit to her house. “What do I need with a dog!” Lydia exclaimed. “I have enough on my plate, as it is!” “But Mum,” Ralph implored, “A dog would be a good companion and guard. You need some company and a dog would fill in the gap when I’m not here.”

Lydia thought about it a while. Actually, she really liked Ralph’s suggestion. She just didn’t want him to know it. For some reason, she felt better when she kept people, including dogs, at a distance. However, when Lydia met her new Beagle puppy, she did not want to keep this little fellow at a distance. She saw the little tail wagging and how the pup shook with happiness, and she was hooked.

Maybe you have never adopted a dog, and are not sure about the process. If you are like Lydia and feel a bit of trepidation about caring for a puppy, you do not have to worry. The costs of adopting a dog are well worth the money, and it will make you feel like you have made a wise choice. What you pay for adoption will depend on the organisation you choose.

Some of the costs related to adopting a dog include desexing, vaccinations, microchipping, and training your pet. You also have to make sure that the puppy or kitten you choose has all the supplies needed to settle into its new home.

Adoption Charges – Why They Are Not Wasted

While you can adopt a dog free of charge, you should still have it checked by a veterinarian. Doing so will give you peace of mind, as you will know what to expect with respect to its ongoing care. By choosing a pet from a reputable shelter too, you can be completely assured that your dog will be ready to live in its new home. Reputable shelters provide vaccinations and desexing, so you can take your pet home and not worry about these services.

If you go to a shelter to adopt your new dog, you will be interviewed so you can be matched to the ideal pet. The shelter representative may ask if you already have pets in your home and also enquire about the living environment. He or she does this to find out if your living situation will meet the animal’s care requirements.

You should bring in pictures of your home and yard, so the shelter representative can see for himself or herself where the pet will live. Also, you need to make a shopping list for what you will need for your dog. Some of the items include water and food bowls, bedding, chew toys, the right food, tags and collar, and leash. A pooper scooper and brush round out some of the items you will need.

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