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Useful Tips Before You See an Orthodontist for Braces

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A smile is the single most powerful and beautiful human expression. Studies show that a nice smile can improve self confidence and influence others view about us.  Smile contributes to our success in our life.

With all the choices available today, how do you make the best investment for the best orthodontic care towards you and your family by choosing an orthodontic specialist?  They spend 2-3 years in the post graduate education beyond dental school. They are trained to treat both smile aesthetics and long term dental health of the patients.

Orthodontist use five key elements when planning goals for smile that will compliment a patient’s facial features –

  • Midline – your smile should be centered by cheek, bone and eyes.
  • Smile arc – your teeth should trace the curve of your lower lip.
  • Cant – your smile should be levelled and not appear too slant.
  • Profile – Your profile is determined by correct tooth and jaw opposition.
  • Overall presentation – dark triangles over the corners of your mouth can be minimized or eliminated.

Not only the front teeth need to look nice, the back teeth need to fit together as well. If they don’t, teeth can move out of position or crack leaving the need for expensive repair work like crowns or implants. Forces can create joint pain and headache and sometimes even bone damage.

When too much root is outside the bone, patients can experience loss of gum tissues which in turn can result in bone or tooth loss. In the past, all the orthodontistes in Canada have relied on their judgement and dental skills to move teeth and root in place. Today, powerful new technologies are enabling your orthodontic specialist to see, plan and treat in ways never possible before. Orthodontists have many solutions to all these problems –

  • Braces – they are wires that are fixed on the teeth that align the growth of the jaw. They tighten wires so that the teeth move in desired direction.

  • Removable aligners – they are alternative for braces they are invisible and can also be removed. They work in the same manner as braces do, but you can also take them out to eat or brush.

A beautiful smile is a powerful thing. Make sure when you invest on the treatment, you choose an orthodontic specialist, who has the skills and technology to create your beautiful and healthy smile.

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