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Top 5 Donut Shops in the USA

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Are you about to set out on a road trip in a camper rental? If there was one way that allows you to see the country in all of it’s glory, it would be road tripping this way. You get the comfort of having “your home” with you, can pack more than you would normally be able to, and get to eat all of your meals where you “live.”

Unless, of course, you would rather take a break from camper rental food and hit up the local donut shops in places that you visit. If you’re anything like me, and also the majority of the  cop population in the U.S.A, you probably enjoy a good brew of coffee in the morning, accompanied by a delicious donut.

Why not discover where the best donut shops are in the country? This way, you can enjoy a donut every now and then as you go. The following donut shops are considered to be some of the best in the country. Do you want to get to know them while you’re road tripping around the states?

                1.Pip’s Original in Portland, Oregon

If you’re headed to Portland, you want to stop on by Pip’s Original Doughnuts. Handmade doughnuts have never tasted so good, or at least that’s what many a patron will say of this Portland gem. Not only their doughnuts have people wanting more, but they also have some of the nation’s best Chai. If chai (instead of coffee) with doughnuts sounds like your idea of a good snack while in Portland, you can’t miss out on what many consider to be the nation’s top doughnut shop.

  1. The Salty Donut in Miami, Florida

Florida won’t let the contest for nation’s best doughnut be left to Oregon. Many a person who has lived or passed through Miami has found the doughnuts at The Salty Donut to be amazing. Their artisanal sweets have people going crazy for them and wanting more. They not only look incredible when you first walk into this donut shop, they taste as delectable as their appearance. From White Chocolate Tres Leches to Cookies and Cream, you can find all your favorite flavor combinations, plus some creations that you would have never imagined. They’re delicious and you must stop on by if you find yourself in Miami.

  1. Gordoughs in Austin, Texas

Some people are strange, some people are weird, and if there is anything that draws people to Austin, it’s that it’s downright weird. Which means that if you hope to try some doughnuts while in town, you’re going to have to do it differently than you would normally. Gordoughs is where you can find cheesy, salty, and scrumptious sandwiches made from doughnuts. Yes, you heard us right, but before you say, “No way, Jose,” you’re going to want to try them. They’re weird and delicious at the same time. If you like to keep things sweet, don’t worry, Gordoughs has plenty of options for your sweet tooth.

                 4.Sidecar Doughnuts in Santa Monica, California

Fresh and delectable is the name of the game with Sidecar Doughnuts. Since your road trip is most likely going to find you in places as beautiful as California, you may want to consider a little pit stop at Santa Monica where you can get to try California’s most scrumptious doughnuts. Where other donut shops may keep it simple with toppings, Sidecar Doughnuts does anything but. From fillings that will make your mouth water to whipped cream and fruit stacked high on a doughnut base, you will discover why those who live in Santa Monica never want to leave—all thanks to Sidecar Doughnuts, of course.

  1. Union Square Donuts in Sommerville, Massachusetts

If the east side is calling you, it may be more than just it’s history and beauty. Union Square Donuts in Sommerville are what many doughnut dreams are made of. You can be sure that the flavors are plentiful and you will have plenty to choose from. So much so, that you may find it very difficult to make a decision. If you’re in the area for a few days, don’t limit yourself. Everyone puts on a few pounds during vacation.

In Conclusion

You only live once, or YOLO as us millennials describe this idea, so why not enjoy as much as possible. You have to fuel up while road tripping and doughnuts are a great way to start the day. If you want to make a theme out of your road trip and remember this trip as the “time where I ate the best doughnuts in the country,” well, you know what to do.

Pack up your camper rental, pull out your map (or simply go to your Google maps app on your phone) and start heading in the direction of all things wonderful: the best doughnuts in the country.

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