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Tips On How To Handle Wax In Your Carpet

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There are various stain types likely to mess with one’s carpet. However, unlike the others, wax has a unique way of handling. Knowing the most appropriate way to handle any dirt or stain would leave your carpet sparkling always. Below are some tips on handling situations of wax on a carpet.

Cleaning Of Wax From A Carpet

Wax is a substance that changes form when exposed to different environmental conditions. When heated, it turns to liquid and solidifies whenever it gets cooled. There are different ways to handle candle wax in a carpet, using heat and non-heat methods. Both heat and non-heat methods could get used in removing candle wax; however, if not done correctly, the wax may stain the carpet. In removing wax in a carpet, it is advisable first to remove the hard wax and later on deal with the stain. Below are some of how one could use either heat or non-heat methods in wax removal.

Heated Methods

An Iron 

When using an ironing device to deal with wax in a carpet, a carpet cleaning detergent and a paper towel should also be available. First, one should allow the wax to dry out and harden before placing a paper towel over it. Then gently press the iron on the paper for approximately 10 seconds and carefully lift it off the carpet. While doing this, it should get noticed that the paper towel shall begin to absorb some of the candle wax. The cleaner should repeat the process severely until all the wax gets absorbed and only a stain in a carpet remains. The waxy stains can get done away with using carpet cleaning detergents. However, one can use vinegar or baking soda as alternatives to the detergent.

A Hairdryer 

Using a hairdryer, removing wax in a carpet starts with a blunt object scraping off the dry and hard wax. In the process, loose particles of the works may get left on the carpet, using a vacuum cleaner, they could get done away with. Afterward, dampen a clean towel and place it on the stain. Set the hairdryer to low or medium temperatures and place it over the towel; this would cause the remaining wax in the carpet to melt, hence getting it absorbed into the towel. If there is still more wax on the carpet, the process should get repeated. Additionally, one can use a carpet cleaning detergent or some rubbing alcohol on the stained area before leaving the carpet to dry.

Non-heat Methods 

Use Of Ice 

Among the most effective non-heat methods is the use of Ice. Known for its highly cool temperatures, one would start by inserting the Ice into a zipped plastic bag and ensuring no holes. Proceed to press hard onto the stain in the carpet to make it harder. It is important to note that the process should not wet the carpet. Make sure to gently scrape off the wax with a blunt object to avoid damaging the carpet’s fabric. The process would lead to chunks of loose wax particles falling onto the carpet, which could get cleared up with a vacuum. The remaining stains can get removed using regular cleaning detergent. Finally, one can use a clean towel to absorb the moisture from the carpet.

Use Of Greaseproof Paper 

The cleaner must use an iron to remove wax in a carpet using greaseproof paper. One should begin by folding the greaseproof paper and pressing iron over it for approximately 10 seconds with its power set on high. The heat from the iron would transfer the wax from the carpet to the paper.

Use Of WD40 

WD40 is a potent cleaning agent used on tools, fixing squeaky hinges, preventing rust, lubricating sticky drawers, and even removing wax in a carpet and other surfaces. One should start by scraping off the hard wax using a blunt object and vacuuming the loose wax particles, and then spraying a sufficient amount of the WD40 substance on the stain in the carpet and allowing it to settle for a few minutes. Once the solution seems to get dry, a sponge may get used in wiping off the wax.

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