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The mommy way – How to dress for comfort

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Being an expectant mother offers moments of bliss and nervousness in equal measure. We discuss the right kind of maternity wear to put yourself at ease during this exciting time.

As an expectant mother, your days are filled with quiet wonder at the miracle growing inside you. You are excited about meeting your new baby, and you and your partner have already started decorating the spare room for your child. You browse online sites to find cute baby blankets and toys, wondering if you should buy baby clothes in blue or pink! As each day passes, you become more impatient about meeting your baby.

But at the same time, are you taking care to dress for comfort? Every pregnant woman needs the right maternity wear to feel at her best during the best nine months of her life. Read on to know how you need to pick the right maternity wear:

* Pick clothing for the weather. Maternity wear comes in all kinds of fabrics and types. You will have to pick clothing that suits your growing body and the weather as well. You will start to show a baby bump in your second trimester; this is also when you will need to buy larger clothing to accommodate your growing belly and hips. Invest in comfortable smocks, empire cut dresses, larger sized kurtas and roomy nightwear so that your body will not feel constricted. Invest in cotton maternity wear in pastel shades for the summer. You can throw a jacket or sweater over yourself when the weather turns cooler.

* Cotton underwear is best. One area of clothing for pregnant women that nobody addresses, is the underwear. The breasts and hips get bigger during this time, so you will need new underwear too. Look up seamless cotton bras – stay away from padded bras as the cups and under-wiring may feel too stiff – and plain bikini style cotton panties. Make sure that the panties have stretchable elastic that does not dig into the skin and cause welts. Avoid nylon or synthetic underwear during this time, because they might feel uncomfortable.

* Leggings are super comfortable. As your belly and hips swell, you are no longer able to fit into your usual pants, skirts or even dresses. But if you buy a whole maternity wear wardrobe at this time, you might have no use for the bigger sized clothing after the baby is born and your body is back to normal. Here’s a good tip – invest in cotton leggings with stretchable elastic. You can just throw a loose tee over the leggings and feel really comfortable all day. The leggings do not hamper your movements, and they look great too. Leading fashion sites like Jabong will have leggings and loose cotton pants under its maternity wear section, so look them up.

* Wear slip on sneakers. Your feet and ankles will begin to swell as the third trimester begins. At this time, staying on your feet for long periods of time will become quite uncomfortable, and the baby’s growing weight may make it difficult to even walk long distances. Pregnant women are advised to wear flat footwear with a strong rubber sole to prevent slipping and injury from a fall. Invest in a pair of slip on sneakers – they will protect your feet and keep your soles and heels from injury.

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