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The E-Learning Quizzing Tools

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The online learning system, teachers and instructors use an online questionnaire to answer. The online questionnaire can help the teachers to identify their student’s development. Having online quizzes can improve the knowledge of students recalling the topics. The questionnaire usually contains formats like fill-in-the-blanks, essays, and more.

In learning applications, the quiz game is a combination of learning and fun. These games can examine the knowledge skills of a student through trivia games. The activities on the quiz games consist of graphics and animations. You will find the online questionnaire, the template and format that cover it in the educational learning system.


What are the types of format of online questionnaires?

On creating the online questionnaire is to design the question and answer the input. The design is the presentation of format in the questionnaire. Here are the examples of online formats you can use.

  • Multiple-choice question.

This is a common type of format to make a choice on the answer. The multiple-choice is the most effective way to examine the learners. This format can answer options in one question.

  • Spin the wheel.

This online questionnaire format is unique because the design is a pool of multiple-choice. The player will spin the wheel and it is random to select one question to answer.

  • One page assessments.

This type of online questionnaire is the traditional multiple-choice questions and one page. The student will only click the selected answer in the multiple-choice.

  • Fill-in-the-Blanks

The format of an online questionnaire is to complete the missing words of a sentence. The question should be no-hint if you have to check knowledge of learners. You can also have a hint into your fill in the black questions to let them remember the lessons.

  • Open-ended questionnaire.

The open-ended online questionnaire is full of questions and answers. This is simple to choose the correct answer because you can compare the choices and select the right one.

  • Closed-ended questionnaire.

The questions only need one word to answer. Example the true or false, and yes or no questions.

  • Classification quizzes/ sorting quizzes.

This online questionnaire will sort in the graphic box by organizing the groups of the items. The example of sorting quizzes, you will sort the classification group of shapes, color, any kind that you will organize them in one group.

  • Sequencing quizzes.

This online questionnaire is sequencing exercises, the learners should identify the correct order. The format is designed by numbers and color coding to follow the correct sequence of your answers.

  • Sequencing quizzes.

This online questionnaire is a sequence exercise, the learners find out the sequencing of an activity. The format is by color, numbers, and chronological order.

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