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Long gone are the days of VCRs, the only medium at the time that could store films and shows, to be viewed at any time. With video streaming becoming more and more popular. Its seems things like cable are going to be phased out. Today we can call upon almost any video at command. The only real type of physical media that remains, are due from a lack of proper storage for such large files of content and quality. Thing like blue-ray, that can contain gigs on top of gigs of uncompressed video files. Making storing them a huge problem with limited space. But, since keeping physical discs took up real space it was just a different problem of storage, not to mention the cost of them. Streaming has been a good middle ground for this issue. Though it did have some flaws for a while. Mostly regarding quality. No of days we have the technology to even stream high quality content. But, you have to take some steps if you desire that kind of quality.


The first piece of hardware that you will need, is a television that is able to handle the power of 4k tv streaming. Just like when HD came around, your old tube could not show the difference it made then. This goes the same for most current televisions you will find in homes, they simple don’t have the resolution and equipment to really show you the difference. You can stream 4k on your flat screen, it just won’t be as nice.  So, make sure you find the 4k symbol when buying a new monitor or television.

Working backwards in logic, a router will be the next thing you will need to invest in. Preferably a wireless one, that way you don’t have to worry about wires or being close to the router. You will need something that can interpret and broadcast information at a high rate. The amount of information that comes with 4k shows, you need to keep up or video quality will begin to decrease. Things like video lag can happen and off sink the audio or make images look more pixelated.

Now, comes the final part, a simple internet connection. Though you probably already have internet in your home. But, like the router it has to be able to move information at a similar rate. So, you may have to upgrade you internet package if your need has gone up. Though more than likely, if you are looking for the best of technology these days, you probably have a great internet package to begin with.


When you plan to upgrade any piece of technology, make sure that you review other equipment that works with it. Things like 4k streaming are still new and sometimes require a lot more to make happen. But, just like previous media, things will become more standard and cheaper as time goes by. So, when you are looking to invest in a higher resolution, make sure you keep these questions in mind.


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