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Media Direct CEO Scott O Hirsch Talks Ways to Maximize Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

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With more than 60% of all online searches now carried out on mobile devices, Scott O Hirsch CEO of Market Direct says that a focus on mobile marketing is now more important than ever before. To help ensure that your company’s marketing efforts are optimized for mobile users, we’ll take a look at a few key tips from Scott O Hirsch CEO on how to maximize your marketing efforts.

Scott O Hirsch on the Importance of Creating Mobile-Optimized Content

Did you know that online content such as web pages and emails that is designed using a desktop doesn’t always appear right when viewed from a mobile device? According to Scott O Hirsch CEO, ensuring that all of your company’s online content is optimized for viewing on mobile devices is an essential first step in any mobile marketing campaign. Viewing your online content from your own mobile device is an easy way to check and see if there are any issues. If you find that there is room for improvement, Scott O Hirsch CEO recommends a number of strategies for improvement, including choosing a web host that optimizes your website for mobile users and enabling Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Scott Hirsch CEO on Text Messaging as a Marketing Tool

In addition to optimizing your online content for mobile users, Scott O Hirsch CEO also recommends that every company should consider reaching out to mobile users directly by creating an opt-in text message marketing campaign. Compared to emails, text messages are opened and read at a much higher rate. This makes text message marketing one of the most effective types of marketing campaigns available today. By encouraging online visitors to sign up for your text messaging list, you can create a list of leads and reach out to them in a way that is much more potent than email marketing.

Scott Hirsch CEO on Making Video Part of Your Content Strategy

Video marketing is something that Scott O Hirsch encourages all of his clients to consider thanks to the impressive results video marketing tends to deliver. Today, watching videos accounts for a little over half of all mobile traffic. By 2023, this number is projected to climb as high as 75%. With mobile users consuming video content at an increasingly higher rate, Scott Hirsch CEO says that it’s essential to go where your customers are and speak to them in the language they enjoy the most. From animated ads to explainer videos designed to provide customers with more information on your products/services, video marketing campaigns can be used to achieve a wide range of desired results.

Take Control of Your Mobile Marketing Efforts With Help From Scott Hirsch CEO of Media Direct

For years, Scott Hirsch CEO, and his company Media Direct have helped countless clients reach more mobile customers through proven mobile marketing strategies. If you would like to reach out to customers on the devices they use the most, mobile marketing is the way to go. Whether you decide to take a DIY approach or enlist the help of a marketing firm such as Media Direct, mobile marketing is certainly something that every company in 2021 should leverage to its fullest potential.

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