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Learn About Insurance for Your Pets

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If you have a beloved family pet, you know that one of the most important things you can do for him or her is keep him or her warm, feed him or her properly, and make sure he or she gets the best veterinary care you can find in your area. If all goes well, you will only have to arrange for regular checkups, vaccinations and so on.

But there are those unexpected situations in the life of a family pet that seem to come at the most inopportune times. If this has occurred in your life, you have probably given some thought to acquiring reliable pet insurance to cover as much of the cost of medical care as possible.

You Don’t Have to Wait

It is not necessary to wait for an unusual occurrence to make use of this type of insurance. In fact, there are a few different plans that may fit your particular situation. Scheduled preventive care has already been mentioned but it would be wise for you, as a pet owner, to consider a plan that provides for this type of non-emergency service.

Think of these as routine-care plans, or wellness plans. This type of insurance generally covers checkup visits, vaccinations, and preventive measures such as flea, tick, or heartworm treatment. Some plans even provide for dental cleaning and other minor procedures. Depending on the company, this coverage may be part of a more comprehensive plan, included as an addition or “rider” to a plan that covers illness and accidents.

These plans can be ideal for all ages, since they can prompt an owner to take the pet to the veterinarian more often than he or she might otherwise. A consistent checkup and treatment schedule may help prevent more serious situations. This plan is also good for younger pets, since they require regular checkups and vaccinations.


This may be the most commonly purchased insurance, with regular-care coverage as part of the overall plan. Accident and illness plans vary from company to company, of course, but they usually cover injury, illness, emergency care and surgery, in addition to several other situations. If you are looking at this type of plan, be sure to ask about hereditary/congenital conditions and the coverage provided.

As is the case with insurance coverage for you and your family members, this type of plan is best put in place when young and relatively healthy. Many pre-existing conditions are excluded by pet insurance providers, but be sure to ask when you are considering a plan.

You may also want to ask about an accident-only insurance policy for your pet. This is generally an affordable choice. No matter which coverage you select, be sure to ask questions so that you fully understand what is covered and what is not. If you do not understand something in the insurance documents, contact the provider and ask. Ask friends and neighbours for testimonials about the insurance they use for their pets. It’s important enough to invest a bit of time in the buying process.

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