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Is It Right to Use Steroids if you are in Sports?

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The debate on steroids and professional sports is going on for several years now, but nobody takes a clear position on this issue. Officially however every athletic organization recommends banning the use of any kind of steroids, but the reality is very ambiguous. Quite a number of sports authority lauds the performance of their team when they perform better, knowing very well that steroids are responsible for their achievements. However, publicly they never support the use of steroids.

Few steroids have a bad reputation in the print media as they are usually abused by many sports people. Many people however use steroids for improvement of their physique, but never reveal that in public.

What are advantages and disadvantages of steroid use in sports?

As we all know steroids give an unfair advantage to the sports person in the competition and therefore on paper every sports authority bans its usage in the sports. However, by not using steroids, honest sportsmen will always be at disadvantage.

As we can see in various Olympics and other international contests, people are creating many new records, which are usually beyond the capability of a normal human being. Either these sportsmen are super human or their sports authorities are secretly promoting the steroid use.

However, one has to consider various side effects of these steroids. In most of the advanced countries, it is considered illegal to buy steroids without doctor’s prescription, but that does not prevent people to source them from unauthorized suppliers.

Few of the best oral steroids

You may visit Steroidly.com to get the list of some best oral steroids, but even the best steroids can also be toxic in nature. Many of these oral steroids can be a potential cause of liver damage. Many doctors advice against consuming steroids orally as it can destroy your body’s self-defense mechanism before reaching the blood stream.

That is the reason why some of the best oral steroids are specially treated so that it does not harm your digestive system. Therefore, it is very difficult to say accurately how toxic is these oral steroids. Dosage requirements and duration of consumption has to be decided for every individual based on their physical condition.

However, if one can use these steroids in very responsible manner there cannot be any permanent damage. If a responsible user discontinues its use, then he can go back to his normal condition quickly.

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