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Is it Possible to Arrange a Funeral Without a Funeral Director?

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To avoid the hassle of arranging a funeral, most people seek the services of a funeral director. With this comes the cost of services that adds to the burden of the family of the deceased. Arranging a funeral on your own will require a lot more effort but can save you at least £1,000 in funeral expenses. Of course, the overall cost of a funeral also depends on other factors such as disbursement charges and optional extras of your choice. If you will be arranging a funeral yourself, the best way to do it is through a cremation. If this option conforms to your beliefs and the wishes of the deceased, read further on in this article to find out how you can do it.

Care of the deceased

In case the person dies in a hospital, they will be able to keep the body for a reasonable time until you have completed the arrangements for the cremation. The hospital should also be able to arrange for the death certificate. In the event that the person died at home, you will need to call a doctor to draw up the certificate of death. Keep in mind that keeping a deceased loved one at home should be done in a cool place for no longer than a few days.

Register the death

The death should be registered at the registry office within a period of five days, or if you’re in Scotland within eight days. You’ll need to bring the death certificate signed by a doctor. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to make any further arrangements until the death is registered. After registration, you can then get a certificate for cremation.

Pick a coffin

You are not legally required to use a coffin for funerals or cremation. If you compare funeral costs, you’ll see that a large chunk goes to the purchase of a coffin. If you want to forego this option, you can choose a shroud instead. The crematorium can tell you what personal items are acceptable to be included during the cremation.

Book the crematorium

Booking a crematorium is not complicated. Usually, you will be required to fill out a form and choose the time for the cremation as well as the music for the ceremony.

Choose who will lead the ceremony

If you prefer to have a ceremony before the cremation, you may want to arrange who will lead the ceremony. You can lead the ceremony yourself or look for an independent funeral celebrant. Another option would be to book a local clergy for a more religious funeral rite.

Transportation to the crematorium

The last thing you need to arrange is the transport of the deceased to the crematorium. You can rent a hearse or an estate car for the transportation of the body.

With the rising costs of funeral arrangements today, there is no wonder more people are considering more cost-effective options such as cremation. In fact, cremation is widely practiced in many cultures around the world. Remembering a loved one and arranging a proper burial does not have to be extravagant.

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