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Importance of safety mirrors

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Have you ever come across wide round mirrors placed at the parking lots or just in front of the basement parking exit areas? You must have realized that they aren’t like the simple mirrors we have at homes or washrooms. They are different shaped; well that’s called a safety mirror. Many of us must be wondering as to why they are placed there. Well, there is a major need that is catered by these differently shaped security mirrors.

These are convex mirrors that give a wider and detailed view of any object. The safety mirrors are used to at or near fataljunctions, parking lots, garages and basements in order to avoid accidents or collisionsand to reduce blind spots. There are different types of safety or security mirrors available out there in the market. Each one it is unique in its design, style and feature. Some of them are as follows:

  • Indoor or Outdoor Convex Mirror
  • 180-degree Convex Mirror
  • 90-degree Acrylic Indoor Quarter Dome Mirror
  • 270 Degree Corner Mirrored Dome
  • Rounded Rectangular Corner Mirror
  • 36 inch Polycarbonate Convex Mirror
  • 180-degree Indoor Acrylic Half Dome Mirror
  • Elevator, Stairwell, and Office Eye Mirror
  • 18 inch Indoor Safety Border Convex Mirror

The placement of the safety mirror depends on the number of directions you want to make visible.

  • If the road has just one direction turning point, one safety mirror placed at the intersection point, makes the two cars from each side visible to each other.
  • If it’s a T point, then one safety mirror at the adjacent of the intersection of three roads makes the cars from three sides visible to each other.

Besides using these safety mirrors for traffic order, it is also use for anti-theft purpose. Many retail shops keep these security mirrors placed to keep an eye to larger number of people, sitting at one place.

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