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Well, let me try and tell you the common story of most bloggers! You push yourself to start a new blog and choose a theme for it. You do all the hard work and fill it up with attractive posts and engaging topics. And, now you are playing the waiting game expecting your blog to get more hits and readership. But, the blog traffic you desired and dreamed of just doesn’t seem to be coming. So, the question is, what can you do to improve this scenario?

The bloggers of today have a powerful tool that they can use to improve their blog readership – their social media profiles. So how can social media be used effectively to increase blog traffic?

Create a Facebook Page for your Blog

A Facebook page makes your blog more popular. You can use the page to share and promote your new and old blog posts. A lot of people will subscribe or like your Facebook page and they get to see your new blog posts shared on the page. This improves the traffic to your blog.

Share your Posts through Other Social Media Platforms

To promote your blog, you needn’t to limit yourself to just Facebook. Exploit every social media profile you own to share and promote your blog and the posts on it. This helps get the word out to a wider audience and drives more traffic to your blog.

Place Share Buttons on your Blog

You needn’t to do all the sharing by yourself! If a reader likes the content, he might like to share it with his friends and acquaintances. Make sure that you do give the option to do that. Your blog should have share buttons for all popular social media websites.

Write Catchy Headings and Click Baits

It is the attractiveness of the headline that makes a post worth sharing. And once the post gets shared, it is the headings that catch eyeballs as well. Only catchy headings will be clicked by the reader and it creates a chance for a new reader to end up on your blog. If you feel that you are not creative enough to do that, you can hire expert writers through freelancing portals like Contentmart. This online content marketplace has a plethora of writers in it willing to offer you their content writing services.

Write Engaging Content

It is the quality of your content that makes it more popular. You can hire talented writers from websites like Contentmart to create compelling content for you. Contentmart is quite unlike a traditional content writing agency or content writing company. They have niche specific writers as well. For instance, if you have a banking related blog, you can use their specific page for banking writers to find and hire banking copywriters.


Using social media as a powerful tool, the blog traffic to your blog can be significantly improved.


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