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How NRPR Group Became One of the Top PR Firms in Los Angeles

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It’s a challenging season for businesses, but a juggernaut PR agency in Los Angeles is proving it’s possible to grow during even the most difficult times. NRPR Group is a Beverly Hills public relations agency that’s been on an upward trajectory after experiencing explosive growth in 2022, and LA locals are taking notice.

As of October 2022, NRPR Group is one of the top 20 largest PR firms in Los Angeles. Coming in number 19 on the Los Angeles Business Journal’s list. In 2019 NRPR Group ranked at 49 out of 75 firms in LA County, so this is a major bump up the list. NRPR Group founder and CEO, Nicole Rodrigues, shared how she founded NRPR Group and the steps she took to grow it into one of the top PR firms in Los Angeles.

NRPR Group’s Founding

As the PR agency’s founder, Nicole Rodrigues is no stranger to hard work and dedication. “I am the oldest of nine children, and my parents couldn’t pay for my college education,” Nicole Rodrigues shared. “I worked hard in high school to earn scholarships and worked three jobs during college to pay for my own college education.”

Before founding NRPR Group, Rodrigues worked in the PR industry for 14 years, serving clients like Playstation, Hulu, and Yahoo!. After working in the industry, Rodrigues realized PR could be so much more. “I had my Jerry Maguire moment and set out to change the industry by creating the perfect example of what an agency should look like,” she said. “When I founded NRPR in 2014, I did so to fill a void in the industry that wasn’t being addressed and to meaningfully disrupt the industry I love so dearly — in both practice and representation. I wanted to contribute my 14 years of insight, combining a traditional PR perspective with a newfound understanding of the emerging digital trends that were quickly reshaping the industry.”

Becoming a top PR firm in Los Angeles

Rodrigues founded NRPR Group with the goal of becoming the best PR agency in the LA area. Although the brand is based in Beverly Hills, Rodrigues’ team serves clients in the Bay Area, New York, Las Vegas, and beyond.

Rodrigues believes in taking a results-oriented approach and in good, old-fashioned hustle. “There’s no room for lazy PR at NRPR. We go the extra mile in everything we do, and the results are the proof our model works.” Rodrigues credits the agency’s success to quality work, niche expertise, and a hybrid approach.

Top-tier work

According to Rodrigues, NRPR Group is “A place where clients come to get the attention and results they deserve.” As one of the top PR agencies in Los Angeles, NRPR Group fosters relationships with print outlets, podcasts, influencers, and industry media outlets to achieve more press for its clients.

Unlike other large PR agencies, NRPR Group doesn’t treat its clients like a number. “Our clients will never wait around for an announcement to get coverage. Instead, we find creative opportunities in everything for hits to happen. As a result, in the entire duration of NRPR Group’s history, there has never been a month where a client has not gotten coverage,” Rodrigues said.

Niche expertise

NRPR Group works with a variety of clients, which includes everything from Fortune 500 enterprises to scrappy startups. However, the agency is best known for its niche expertise.

NRPR is a tech PR firm that translates techie topics into digestible information that resonates with the public. Rodrigues’ team focuses on the problem the client’s technology solves to tell stories that stick.

NRPR Group is also one of the most well-regarded food PR agencies in the LA area. Rodrigues’ team acts as the liaison between food brands and the media to get even more coverage. With clients like Legendary Foods on its roster, NRPR Group leverages relationships with local food journalists through personalized pitching.

Hybrid approach

NRPR Group is different because Rodrigues designed it to be an agency of the future. Not only does NRPR Group take traditional approaches like pitching the media, but it also offers digital strategies like:

  • Social media
  • Influencer outreach
  • SEO
  • Multimedia content production

Rodrigues designed the agency to be agile enough that it could change with trends. Today, the firm is more than just a traditional PR agency: it’s a multimedia force that gets results for clients however it can.

NRPR Group Accolades

Nicole Rodrigues’ ambitious vision paid off. Today, NRPR Group has an award-winning reputation that’s reflected in its accolades, both for the brand and its founder. NRPR Group received awards that include:

  • Induction into the Beverly Hills Hall of Fame – 2021
  • Impact Company of the Year by DotCom Magazine – 2022
  • Strategic Communications Consultancy Firm of the Year from ACQ5 – 2022

Rodrigues also received industry accolades for her can’t-quit attitude and PR expertise. She was the Gamechanger of the Year for ACQ5 and the USA’s Most Influential Brand Strategist in the M&A Global Awards.

The future of NRPR Group as one of the top PR agencies in Los Angeles

What started out as a dream of disruption has turned into reality. Under Nicole Rodrigues’ leadership, NRPR Group experienced tremendous growth in Q2 and Q3 of 2022. It added high-profile clients like Instoried, Ruth Health, SteadyMD, Nobul, and Mavan to its roster. The agency’s meteoric growth shows it’s on a trajectory to win more hearts and turn more heads in an economy where it counts.

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