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How JET Jointers Can Enhance Your Woodwork Project

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Using the right tools and equipment in woodworking projects saves you time and eliminates poor workmanship, which may be contributed due to lack of proper tools. Jointers are some of the tools a woodworker needs to have in their workshop. It is a tool used to make or improve the face of bowed, twisted, or warped board by making the surface flat. The jointer machine helps to straighten and square edges. Here are ways JET jointers can help when you are handling a woodwork project:

Removes unwanted wood from boards

A jointer will remove those twists and cups you see in wood making it flat and with an even surface. Using the machine allows you to get wood that does not have twists and warps, things that may compromise on the quality of product you are making.

It makes work efficient

When you use this machine, it will make your woodwork project efficient. This way, you are likely to finish the project in time, especially if you are having to deal with huge amount of boards or wood that should be worked on to make the surfaces flat. Jointers are a time saver to your project and you will realize that if you use them, you convert the wood stock you have into usable pieces for the project within a short time. This way, the work you are accomplishing will move fast as per your timeline plans.

Saves you money

You may not believe it, but did you know that if you often use wood board in your woodworking or other projects, you probably spend money paying a lumberyard to prepare the surface of your wood. Before using wood, you may want to work on the surface to prepare it for use. It may be making the edges square or straightening them, you will need a jointer machine. You will use it in flattening wood surface. If you have this machine, you do not have to pay the lumberyard to do the flattening, squaring, or straightening the wood edges.

How wood jointers work

When using a jointer, you will have an infeed as well as outfeed table. Usually, the tables are aligned within the same plane. Between the tables, a cutter head bearing knives is mounted and the tops of the knives or the cutting circle is aligned with the outfeed table. Depending on the wood that you need to remove, the infeed table is then lowered to the level or depth representing the amount of wood to be removed.

With a guard in place, a board is passed or pushed across the machine hence the unwanted wood is removed. The part that is cut is supported on the outfeed table. When flattening a face, a fence is used to provide a guide. The same fence is used to provide support whenever you are jointing board edges. You can adjust the fence to different angles.

Improve efficiency and save money by buying yourself one of the JET jointers for your project. Although woodworkers may do without this machine, you may find that it makes work easier and cost-saving if you got one in your workshop, yard, or project site.


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