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Hiring Events for Small Business; How to Attract the Best Talent

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As a business, you have to compete for the best talent in the tight labor market. Small businesses, mainly those unknown, have a more challenging time attracting the best to help realize their goals. While it can be overwhelming, it is not impossible to attract qualified candidates for your growing business. With hiring events, you can amass a significant candidates’ pool and recruit the right fit. In the modern setup, virtual hiring events are the trend you must embrace. Instead of physical meetings, virtual events utilize the internet to connect potential candidates with organizations. Much like the traditional approach, virtual hiring events deliver many benefits to employers. You save time and money and enjoy access to an extensive candidates’ pool. Nonetheless, the hiring events are only as productive as you can manage to attract the right candidates. So, how do you attract the best talent from the hiring events? Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

Pick the right platform

When attending a traditional hiring event, among the top considerations are the booth. The position, customizations to stand out, among other considerations, helps you to improve your performance. As you manage a virtual hiring event, the same applies, only this time, the most crucial consideration is the platform. The best platforms like Brazen offer a lot that makes it easier to customize the experience. The platform offers a seamless experience for the candidates as they can easily navigate the virtual event, helping you capture and maintain a significant pool. With intuitive booth features, you’ll facilitate smooth engagement, ensuring that you realize a productive process. The customization extends to branding, helping you maintain the consistency needed to exude professionalism. Features such as brand colors and logo make help your business to stand out.  With the right platform, you’ll generate a substantial talent pool, helping you attract and recruit the best talent in the competitive skills market.

Bring the A-game

Who is on your team, and do you have a game plan? Looks aren’t everything, and even with the best platform and experience, you’ll hardly attract the right talent without a practical plan. Communication plays a vital role. As such, ensuring that you pick the best team shouldn’t be overlooked. Develop a strategy, including a workflow. This ensures that everyone knows what they are required to handle and at what point. With a game plan, you’ll ensure that the candidates know who you are, including the organization’s culture, open positions, rewards package, among other details that help you attract the right talent. The team can effortlessly answer questions and facilitate smooth communications throughout the process. This makes it easier to move candidates from one phase to the next, ensuring that you attract more and land the best for your business.

Know the target

You know your business and have a great elevator pitch to ensure that the candidates understand what you have to offer. But have you considered the target audience? You want to offer a personalized experience to attract and tip talent in your favor. That is only possible if you take your time to understand the candidates. As you prepare for the virtual hiring event, invest your time understanding varying groups and what makes them eager to join a team.  Consider the audience’s experience, interest, goals, needs, among other attributes that influence their decision-making as they take a position. Develop profiles, making it easier to tailor messages and responses to specific groups. With such profiles, it’ll also be easier to sort candidates in the roles they best fit. You can then pitch the position with a more personalized message, making it easier to attract the talent as it is geared with their interests in mind.

Recruitment is not just about the roles a candidate will hold. It is also about how working in your team will help them immediately and move forward as they work to scale their careers. Considering such impact means that you won’t be focused only on pitching your offering. You’ll also consider their needs, ensuring that you tailor the message to appeal to the candidates and tip them to want to be a part of your growing business.

Follow up

Hiring events helps you access an extensive pool of potential talent. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mark all the boxes on your hiring process. You have to set interview dates, among other considerations, to complete the recruitment. You’ve attracted many candidates who’ve shown interest in taking the open positions, but how do you move the process along without them slipping off your fingers. You aren’t the only employer. As such, you need to stay on your toes to keep the leas hot.

Follow-ups don’t have to be overwhelming. After the event, contact the candidates, ideally after 24 or 48 hours. Collect more information about their skills and experience. This ensures that you set interviews with the best fit. If the candidate initiates communication, you don’t have to wait. Prompt response eliminates doubt, ensuring that you don’t lose the potential candidate to other interested employers. As you spice your follow-ups, measures as simple as a brief text work well. This could be a reminder of the upcoming interview or a thank you note. Such interactions keep the candidate interested, moving them along to the interview, and taking the positions if they make the cut.

Recruitment can drain more resources, affecting your productivity. Moreover, the longer a position is vacant, the less productive your business is as operations’ efficiency takes a blow. With hiring events, you can fast-track the recruitment process without significant resources pressure. Nonetheless, keep in mind that not all candidates are the right fit. Some are just testing the waters as they aren’t actively seeking employment but considering their next potential move. As such, you need a strategic approach to ensure that you attract and capture the best talent from the events. With the above pointers, you are better positioned to develop a practical approach, helping you attract the right candidates with passion, skills, and personalities matching your business needs.

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