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Common Misconceptions About Escape Rooms and the Truth Behind Them

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Escape rooms are becoming popular nowadays. You can find room escape games in London and in other parts of the world. The idea of getting locked inside a room where you have to solve challenges within an hour or so is really exciting. You test yourself to the limit. You also think quickly given the time constraint.

There are people though who are somewhat hesitant to give it a try due to several unfounded fears. These are just some of the most common misconceptions about escape rooms and the truth behind them.

Rooms are locked

Although the idea is that you are locked in a room, the room is not technically locked. You can still head out if you want to. You can breathe fresh air or even give up if you feel dizzy or have a health condition. You can even go to the toilet any time within the challenge. This takes away whatever limited time you have though. For people who are claustrophobic and are afraid that they will be locked in a small room for an hour, this should make them feel better.

Challenges cannot be solved

Although the challenges are really difficult, they can be solved. There is a reason why it is a group challenge. You have to work together as a team if you want to succeed. If you do things on your own, you will definitely have a hard time. Some teams fail to really unlock all the clues and finish the challenge. However, there are a lot of teams that have totally succeeded in getting the job done.

You can’t play if you register alone

There are different rules governing every escape room company. You need not worry even if the idea is to play the game as a group. You can still be paired up with other members who also register alone or as a pair. You can work together within a given time. However, there are others that allow just 1 or 2 players to finish the challenge at a time. You need to read the terms and conditions before you make your final reservation.

It can be very tiring

This is somewhat true considering that there is a time limit. However, most of the challenges are mental in nature. You feel tired because you have to hurry. You need to think quickly and act quickly. This is not like the challenges you see on TV though where players have to jump from an altitude or run several miles just to get the tasks done. Rest assured, the challenges are easy to do and can be done without sweating a lot.

Now that you have fully understood what it means to play an escape room game, you should feel challenged to give it a try. Register online now so you can book the specific date on which you want to use the escape room. Once you have done an escape room challenge, you will be enticed to do it over and over again.

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