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Benefits and Responsibilities Associated with the Use of Credit Card

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Credit card has been a small plastic card that would be issued to the consumer by any financial institution or bank. The issuer of the card would create a revolving account with the consumer’s line of credit. The cardholder would be able to buy various services and goods or make use of cash advance until they reach the stipulated credit limit. Various merchants who would accept payments for credit card application Philippines would receive the money from the bank that has issued the card. Eventually, the cardholder would be required to repay the bank via regular monthly payments. In case, the complete balance has not been paid in full, the issuer would mostly be charged interest on the unpaid payment portion.

Credit cards could be highly valuable tool provided it has been used in the correct manner. Nonetheless, there have also been risks involved for those who would lack self-discipline for the debt, which they were unable to repay. In case, the best credit card Philippines has been used responsibly along with best of intentions, the card could cater you with considerable benefits.

Convenience of using the card anywhere

Credit card has been a flexible payment tool that could be accepted at several locations worldwide. It has probably become a good substitute for paper money. On several occasions, there might be situations where you would require additional funds than what have been instantaneously available. These emergencies could be such as car or home repairs, travelling with family, medical expenses. It would not be wrong to suggest credit card could see you through these times of needs instantly. These kinds of credit spending should be taken care of with a short-term intention along with timely payments for avoiding any accumulation of unwanted debt.

What are the responsibilities of credit card holder?

In order to maximise the available benefits, the credit card holder have some responsibilities that should be followed without fail.

On time payment

On time payment has been the best mode for avoiding late fees along with penalties on interest.

Extra payment than minimum amount required

In case, the balance cannot be paid in full, it would be imperative that you pay as much as possible or more than the minimum payment required.

Staying within credit card upper spending limit

Having maximum amount used could lead to interest expenses and recurring fees. The rule of thumb has been to keep card balance below 30% of the upper spending limit.


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