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Are you interested in taking care of a cockatoo?

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Everyone knows that cockatoos have a lively manner and attractive heads. Most people don’t know that cockatoos are a demanding type of bird. When you treat them right, they will reward your affection and loyalty. When you want a cockatoo pet, you can visit  https://talkieparrot.com/info/how-much-does-a-cockatoo-cost/.

Cockatoo features

Cockatoos’ feathers have good color, but they depend on what species. Most feathers are color white, pink, or gray. Sometimes you will see cockatoos with red, black, and yellow colors. The skin, beak, and feet will also have different colors depending on their species type. The crown has accent colors with other cockatoos, and it will differ from the rest of the feathers. Attractive cockatoos have a striking yellow and red while their body has a touch of the color pink. Some species have differences between females and males in eye color. But it is hard to tell the difference between the two sexes, which are the same as other parrot species.

Fun and loyal birds

It is the same with other parrots, and cockatoos are intelligent and friendly birds. They are playful with being good at impersonating. Mostly, they watch humans’ movements and can interpret them with their bodies.

Can they speak?

Birds can copy humans’ movements, noises, and voices, but they’re not talented as grey parrots. This type of bird species can do what is common to other birds is to have loud voices. The owners can understand them without making any sounds. It can interpret their mood from their crest, but they are excited when their crown is upright.

They can deal with other birds and people.

Sometimes they are only loyal to one caregiver. But there will be times when they get jealous and defend their caregiver with all their means. When they get separated from their owners, it is painful for them. You have to keep two birds to avoid separation anxiety from their owners.

Give them enough space and patience.

Cockatoos are loyal to their partner all their life, and they are good at taking care of their offspring. But males develop aggressive behavior toward their female partners during the breeding season. Also, these birds need enough space to climb and fly around.



Cockatoos are showing unhealthy later, and you need to observe your birds. You have to know any changes in their weight, behavior, and feces. Most cockatoos are prone to lung problems which are their typical health problem. But you can avoid it by giving them a healthy and balanced diet. Additionally, most cockatoos are prone to their beak and feather disease. It is a viral disease that doesn’t have a cure that can affect the budgies and parrots. When taking care of your pet cockatoos, they will live for 25 to 35 years, but some live longer than 60 years.

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