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A Guide To Clearing Blocked Drains

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I was wondering how to clear blocked drains? Blocked sinks are the source of a slew of minor issues, ranging from foul odours to water that won’t drain. However, if these problems worsen, you must call and unblock drains Molesey .

How To Unblock A Drain Blockage

Use Boiling Water

Grease, conditioner, and other items can clog drains, and boiling water can help unclog them. It is due to the low temperature of melting of these substances and the immense heat that aids in their disintegration. Pour boiling water into the drain to dislodge a snag.

Use Natural Cleansers

Breaking up clogs is made easier with the use of hot water and a natural cleanser mixture. You can use various honest cleaners, such as vinegar or baking soda, for a fizzing effect. It is possible to flush clogged drains using hot water, followed by one cup of bicarbonate soda and one cup of vinegar. Follow up with more hot water after ten minutes.

Caustic Ingredients Cleaner

Drain obstructions are more easily removed with caustic cleaners available at some stores. It easily dissolves fat, grease, and oils, making it perfect for more difficult clogs.


Plungers are a simple and effective instrument for dislodging minor obstructions and are used by unblocking drains Molesey. A vacuum is created around the plug hole to remove the block, and the seal is broken.

DIY Drain Snake

You can use a coat hanger to make a homemade drain snake when wondering how to clear blocked drains. When you’re done with the snake, place the hook into the plughole. Try using it to remove hair-based obstructions in your area. Deeper within your pipes, they can eliminate clogs from down to the root of the problem.


When snaking isn’t working, we can use CCTV to find out where the clog is and how far it extends. In most cases, a camera and a tool resembling a drain snake are inserted during this procedure. When the severity of the blockage has been determined, we begin the process of eliminating it.

High-Pressure Water Jet

Hydro jets blast pipes clean of gunk and other gunk with short but powerful water spurts. In some cases, we’ll need to use different methods to eliminate the obstruction, but this method is reliable.


We’ll need to excavate around the gutter so that we can fix or replace the pipes. When excavation is necessary to clear the drains, it’s not usually essential, but it can save the remainder of your plumbing from severe damage.

Relining Of Pipes

Using pipe relining instead of complete pipe replacement is an excellent option when a long-term obstruction in your system has damaged your pipes. After removing the block, the line is relined using flexible tools and resin.

While some drain clogging causes are apparent, others you may not have ever considered exist. Consider some of the home cures as a response to how to clear blocked drains, slow draining, or foul odours. You should call unblock Molesey if you cannot clean them by yourself.

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