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4 Signs That Show That You Need To Invest In A CMMS Software

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Proper maintenance of all your machinery plays a significant role in the productivity of the facility. Living in a world where new technological trends are introduced daily, it is only fair if you use the right tools and equipment to improve efficiency. One of the best inventions has to be the computerized maintenance management system, otherwise known as CMMS. CMMS is a computer database that is used to manage a facility’s operations. That said, here are 4 signs that show that you need to invest in a CMMS software as soon as possible.

Your machines break down regularly

It is typical for machines to break down from time to time, but if they do so every now and then, that means that the maintenance processes are wanting. As a facility, the breaking down of any machinery sets you aback as your processes are slowed down significantly. Proper maintenance of the machinery is therefore vital as it helps you identify any underlying issues before they cause more harm to the whole system. Using outdated methods for machine maintenance may be a challenge, given that you might be dealing with a lot of machinery. The chances are high that you may forget the maintenance of some of them; however, by having the CMMS software, you will always be aware of the health of the machines in real-time. And when their maintenance schedules will always be displayed, giving you time to prepare and inform the technicians who will be handling that.

You do not have any documentation of the maintenance procedures

If you always have to troubleshoot the machine and try to remember details about its previous maintenance, it is about time to get the CMMS software. Having proper records of the machine’s maintenance procedures is very crucial as it helps the technicians identify the issues easily and know what to focus on every time. So much so, having the right records puts you in a safe place, especially when dealing with regulatory bodies who often conduct inspections.

It takes a long time to fix your machines

Another sign that shows that you need to get CMMS is if the maintenance process takes so much time. This may be so because of not having proper records and also perhaps due to lack of spare parts in your inventory. As such, getting these spare parts end up taking so long, meaning that your machines will also not be functional until you buy the spare parts. The CMMS system notifies you when you need to get more inventory, meaning that you can get them in good time before the maintenance date.

Your productivity is low

Lastly, if your overall productivity is low, it might mean that you need to get the CMMS software. Machine downtime affects the facility’s production significantly. The software will enable you to track the health of the machine in real-time and notify you in case of emergencies. As a result, you will reduce machine downtime a great deal as you will have proper maintenance schedules and routines hence boosting the overall productivity.

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