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4 Mistakes that Are Hurting Your Resale Value

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There are many aspects that directly or indirectly kill the resale value you can get on a used car. However, in online dealing of used Renault Duster in Bangalore there are a certain factors that can most definitely hurts your chances of getting a good price.

There interesting thing is that all these factors are within your control and you can act on them immediately.

Not Displaying the Real Photo of Your Car

Many sellers used photos from Google images or even use stock photos on websites where they are listing their car. A buyer who is interested in buying a car would like to see the car and not a representation of it. So even though your car is in a good condition, it makes your whole case look dubious and fetches you less buyers. And the buyers who do reach out to you may be resellers or dealers who would sell the car further to someone else.

Not Sharing Car’s History

A lot of buyers would be looking to find out more about the history of the car and its usage before they even contact the seller. If you are going to be ambiguous in your offer about the history then you make put off some buyers.

Not Getting the Car Certified

Beyond history, a buyer is always interested in buying a car that is in good condition and will last them for at least next 5 years without requiring a lot of maintenance. You may have got the car serviced and inspected at your end. But buyers will have more faith in the certification issued by the website. if your car lacks that then you may end up with buyers who would be willing to pay less than your asking price.


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